ICS serves the logistics needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes. Working with ICS means working with a partner that aligns completely with your vision of success — one that offers the industry’s most experience in specialty 3PL. Our promise of dedication and depth means we act as an extension of your business to improve supply chain performance and drive product success with scalable, integrated logistics solutions. While other providers may offer traditional pick-and-pack solutions, ICS also provides the consultative, partner-focused approach to help you achieve your logistics goals.

Small and medium specialty and biopharmaceutical manufacturers

Small biotech, rare disease and orphan drug manufacturers often lack the expertise, resources and/or scale to build out their own capabilities for safe product storage, order management and distribution, customer service, financial/contract management and data. At this size, it is also important to focus greater capital on growing the business versus running the business. ICS partners with these small and mid-size manufacturers to bring low-volume, high-value, highly specialized products to market in a way that makes financial sense — while still delivering a quality experience to downstream customers.

Large pharmaceutical manufacturers

When a large manufacturer has niche products for which supply chain needs don’t align with those of the broader product portfolio, the manufacturer cannot then leverage existing scale, resources or expertise to serve that product optimally. ICS helps large manufacturers maximize the financial benefit of the outlier product quickly — without reconfiguring existing infrastructure, processes, resources or technologies.

Medtech and drug/device combination manufacturers

ICS also partners with medical device manufacturers to provide scalable distribution solutions that ensure efficient, on-demand access for downstream customers.

As a manufacturer, the sooner you involve a logistics partner, the less likely you’ll be to face costly mistakes. A partnership with ICS starts with our strategic planning process, during which we evaluate a number of factors — from distribution strategy and channels to financial risk. We take that analysis and tailor a supply chain solution for your product. Our proven solutions help you streamline finances and reduce risk. Leverage ICS as an extension of your business and capitalize on the experience and expertise of our team.