Cell and Gene Therapies have demonstrated real promise as they move into the clinical trial phase for a variety of life changing and deadly diseases. The results of these studies and their potential impact to patients, their loved ones and the industry as a whole are almost incalculable, which makes securing the supply chain mission critical — though not easily accomplished.

It takes a commitment to innovation, seamless coordination and the support of an experienced partner to overcome every barrier on the journey from clinical to commercial success.

What makes ICS and AmerisourceBergen so essential for Cell and Gene Therapy logistics is our understanding and our ability to address these critical issues. AmerisourceBergen’s multi-disciplinary and market-leading experts have what it takes to design an effective commercialization strategy and execute an integrated solution when the patient is in the supply chain.

With no distinct handoff from the clinical to commercial supply chain, proactive planning – particularly during the early stages – is vital for cell and gene therapy innovators. It is what allows them to establish scalable processes that support patient, provider and payer requirements and enables a product’s commercial success.

ICS and World Courier, both part of AmerisourceBergen and world leaders in specialty logistics, are uniquely poised to help cell and gene therapy owners of all sizes design and execute custom logistics processes – across collection, manufacturing, and administration. The dependencies between each touchpoint in cell and gene therapy are far greater than in traditional specialty pharmaceutical production—and the coordination needed to manage them effectively demands true connectivity.

To overcome the potential hurdles of this novel class of medications, we leverage our best-in-class expertise in new ways and tailor an approach that is specific to and works for each product and patient population.

World Courier provides coordinated peripheral scheduling to pinpoint pickup, real-time product tracking and temperature monitoring as well as advanced cryoshipping technologies. We protect the product’s stability and viability by kitting at the apheresis site and safeguard against unforeseen challenges, such as adverse weather conditions, via advanced contingency planning.

As the product moves to market, ICS provides integrated logistics – including warehousing, customer service and back-office functions – to reduce manufacturers’ financial risks and administrative burdens. Our comprehensive accounts receivable management services, which include account set-up, invoicing, collection and cash application efforts, are tailored to meet a business’s needs. ICS provides the infrastructure and proven methodologies and processes, allowing therapy owners to continue to focus on innovation rather than diverting resources to build additional infrastructure.

World Courier and ICS, along with AmerisourceBergen’s portfolio of other market-leading companies, create interconnectivity at each touchpoint – from supply and blood draw through the delivery, patient infusion and, ultimately, billing – for cell and gene therapy innovators. This provides manufacturers the “needle-to-needle” visibility required to meet provider, patient and payer needs while driving cell and gene therapy success.


Contact ICS to discuss how we can support your Cell and Gene Therapy development and download our white paper: Commercializing Cell and Gene Therapies to discover more about global logistics strategies for Cell and Gene Therapies.