The Drug Supply Chain and Security Act (DSCSA) has ushered in a number of regulatory mandates that have had and will continue to have a profound impact on the pharmaceutical industry — not the least of which is the next directive looming over manufacturers: Serialization by November, 2017. Serialization creates unprecedented challenges for pharmaceutical companies as it relates to scalability, technology infrastructure and operational protocols. For this reason, and the lengthy, staged-approach successful serialization demands, it’s critical manufacturers partner with an experienced ally to consult, strategize and support serialization efforts.

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For more than two decades ICS has served its clients as a valued consultant in stringent regulatory matters. Our system architecture is 100 percent compliant with DSCSA phase I lot-level requirements and we have been running serialization pilots with current clients since the first quarter of 2016. This deep experience and knowledge has helped to shape a suite of scalable solutions designed to meet a variety of serialization needs, including:

  • Data storage/repository services: ICS offers state-of-the-art data storage/repository along with reporting for easy retrieval. We also support a transaction record retention policy of 7+ years (DSCSA requires 6 years).
  • Serial number generation and verification: Through a secure, verification portal, ICS offers clients 24/7 access to status, enabling a clear understanding of where product sits within the supply chain.
  • Relabeling/rekitting services: Advanced technologies and an FDA-validated license for relabeling and rekitting ensures clients a full-range DSCSA-compliant solutions.
  • Third-party integration: ICS has the ability to integrate with a wide variety of trading partners supporting track-and-trace efforts.

Are you working with a 3PL to handle your serialization needs? If not, let the ICS serialization team bring you up to speed — fast.

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