ICS knows that supply chain efficiency is rooted in integration. That’s why we offer outsourced services that go beyond distribution to drive excellence in your customers’ experience.

Customer service

Customer service is the core of ICS’ operations. Our dedicated teams of logistics experts and customer service representatives utilize their experience and extensive training to facilitate a smooth process across all areas of product logistics. We understand the value customer service contributes to building and maintaining your corporate identity and your success in the marketplace. Our objective in employing experienced call center professionals to perform customer service on your behalf is to give you complete peace of mind. Our documented Standard Operating Procedures manage pharmaceutical product returns, product replacement, credit and the triage of customer complaints and potential Medical Affairs issues. Our dedicated team, with knowledgeable customer representatives, answers your calls as the face of your brand.

Client financial services

Regardless of your business’ size, financial management is essential to success. Rely on ICS for scalable financial services that include:

  • Collection success
    • A/P contacts
    • Reconciliation procedures
  • Technology improvements
    • AR document enhancements
    • Workflow-automated month-end close process
  • Cash posting
    • Usually posted within two business days
    • Technology advances in 820 EDI posting
  • Month-end processes
    • Consolidated reports for accuracy and efficiency
  • Contract management and chargeback processing

Contract management

Outsourcing chargebacks is one way manufacturers can upgrade their infrastructure and maximize logistics investments. ICS provides our clients the advantage of utilizing the latest, best-in-class contract management software, with online access to chargeback transaction reports that display contract, membership and pricing data. You’ll be able to set pricing, bundle products and integrate contracts across your enterprise into a single system while staying compliant with your customers' 844 and 849 EDI reporting requirements.