ICS’s expanded logistics services help you save money and resources, streamline supply chain functions and optimize aftermarket activity.

Reverse logistics

ICS’ reverse logistics services mean returned products won’t slow your business down. Our online return disposition tool lets you view your returns in real time and offers online credit approval, timely credit assessment and debit memo reconciliation to ensure that every return can be just as easily processed as every sale.

ICS helps manufacturers optimize aftermarket activity by saving time and resources, yet having real-time visibility for activity that includes:

  • Full and partial returns
  • Appropriate product disposal
  • Timely credit assessment and debit memo reconciliation
  • Requested returned vs. actual returned product comparison
  • Online client approval for credits associated to returns
  • Product traceability through destruction
  • Partial container processing and inventory
  • Real-time reporting for open returns and/or invoiced returns
  • Tracking returns throughout every stage of the process

Re-labeling, re-packaging and kitting

ICS has an FDA establishment license to re-label, re-package and kit product in our distribution center, saving manufactures time, money and resources when it comes to managing additional vendors or back-and-forth shipping for re-labeling, re-packaging and kitting. No more delays in patient care or ROI from drugs sitting in transit or on warehouse shelves. It’s one more way ICS brings innovation to supply chain challenges.

Samples and marketing material distribution

Set your sales team up for success with a single source for not only product itself, but also the branded samples and marketing materials that are critical to driving orders. Our client-branded sample and marketing materials website allows your sales force to order product online from anywhere, and we’ll work with your automation vendor for receipt of your marketing orders. Our custom portals provide real-time data on your inventory levels and give you the online tools to distribute them more efficiently from ICS’ advanced distribution centers.