ICS performs an in-depth financial analysis during the planning process for each of our manufacturer clients. For manufacturers who need to mitigate risk and realize revenue quickly and consistently, ICS offers a unique Title Model for streamlining AR processes and assuming financial ownership of the distribution process.

Who benefits

ICS Title Model addresses the concerns of manufacturers that:

  • Desire to retain financial flexibility, while ensuring safe storage and strong performance in customer service, financial management and data capabilities
  • Face regulatory and licensure challenges that impact speed to market
  • Experience critical business interruptions when shipment damage and freight management issues occur

How it works

Under our Title Model, the title ownership of a new drug is transferred to ICS. As the manufacturer, you hold the patent and control the sales, while ICS handles all other aspects of distribution, including orchestrating freight and quality control measures, facilitating compliance and licensing requirements, managing cold chain and special product handling needs and owning and supporting the accounts receivable relationships with downstream customer. The result? Streamlined speed to market that shrinks the critical time window between product development and product availability.

Title vs. traditional, which model is right for you?Title model: Small and mid-size specialty manufacturers.  ICS owns the title.  Full supply chain services with predictable AR recognitionTraditional 3PL: Small and mid-size specialty manufacturers.  Manufacturer owns the title.  Scalable supply chain services with AR management/collection