Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
AmerisourceBergen and our global businesses are highly engaged during the ongoing spread of the novel COVID-19 “Coronavirus.”
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ICS is the model of excellence in global healthcare logistics

20+ years of experience.100% committed to your success.

Since 1997, ICS has partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver customized healthcare logistics solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of their supply chains.

Who we are

We're more than a 3PL provider

ICS has organically grown to become the industry leader in outsourced logistics and distribution services for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Additionally, we are the first and only full-service specialty 3PL with cryogenic storage to support commercialized cell and gene therapies. We go the extra mile to ensure increased supply chain efficiency, maximum return on investment and enhanced patient care. 

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We do more than deliver proven, innovative healthcare logistics solutions for specialty pharmaceutical companies and cell and gene therapy innovators. We optimize business performance and deliver an unmatched approach to quality and continuous improvement.

Why choose ICS?

" I had prior experience with ICS that was overwhelmingly positive. ICS is one of the few companies with such a broad offering of services and experience in pharmaceutical logistics."


Associate spotlight

Albert Cooksey

Our partnership-driven approach starts with leaders like Albert Cooksey, Senior Vice President and General Manager of 3PL Services for ICS. Albert supports pharmaceutical manufacturers launching commercial medications, including cell and gene therapies, by providing consultation throughout the sales process. He manages all aspects of business development activities while also working with existing clients on logistics solutions and new product introductions into our 3PL support model. Meet more of our leaders to learn more about how they embody our vision and values.
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More than a 3PL, we're part of AmerisourceBergen.

We are part of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services companies and partner before, during and after launch to help improve patient outcomes and help our clients succeed.

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