The first and only full-service, specialty pharmaceutical 3PL solution with cryogenic storage for commercialized cell and gene therapies

An industry-leading solution from a trusted partner

Cell and gene therapies that are creating new possibilities for patients deserve commercialization strategies that are just as pioneering.

ICS understands that new therapies demand a supply chain that’s willing to invest and evolve. United in our responsibility to create healthier futures and our relentless pursuit of excellence, we provide cell and gene innovators with an end-to-end storage and distribution solution that supports commercialization of your therapy today and into the future
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An end-to-end platform to help your therapy fulfill its lifesaving promise.

With ICS as your partner, innovators can stay focused on research and development, while we manage the complex-day-to-day logistics.

A seamless solution that scales along with your cell therapy – from many to millions.

Commercializing your cell therapy beings with finding an experienced partner who can meet all of your precise requirements–from cryopreservation, full order-to-cash services, product serialization, to packaging and labeling–as your volume and points of care increase. ICS has a history of anticipating the evolving needs of our clients and delivering innovation through creative solutions and investing in our logistics platform. 
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We provide the confidence of working with best-in-class partners.

Advanced therapies are temperature-sensitive and inherently fragile, requiring a specialized approach of cold-storage temperature control and transport, to maintain the integrity of these life-changing medicines. ICS is proud to partner with Brooks Life Sciences, a leading worldwide provider of automation and cryogenic solutions, to ensure your valuable molecules will not be exposed to damaging warming events. World Courier provides temperature-controlled transport from your manufacturing location to ICS and then shipment of therapies to patient points of care.
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ICS Cryogenic Storage Solution

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