Cryogenic Storage 

ICS has both ultra-frozen and cryogenic storage capabilities and can scale as your therapy grows.

ICS Cryogenic Storage Solution

ICS is the first and only full-service, specialty pharmaceutical 3PL to invest in the cryogenic storage infrastructure, proven methodologies and processes that enable therapy innovators to scale their specialty molecule from many to millions, with the confidence that comes from working with a trusted partner.
System Design
  • 21 days hold time
  • Best in class Brooks Cryogenic automation
  • Vending machine style storage

  • Greater protection

Controlled, Documented Access
  • System audit trail
  • Limits need for advanced cryogenic training
  • Insulating tower
  • Fast retrieval minimizes temperatures excursion
  • Limits handling SOP errors
Simplifies Inventory Management
  • More ergonomic user experience reduces chance for injury
  • Simplified software interactions 
  • Integrated with ICS ERP system
  • Compact

cryogenic storage

AmerisourceBergen is meeting innovation with innovation.

Together with World Courier’s cryogenic transport capabilities including the largest global network of qualified cryogenic charging stations, we are helping manufacturers support patient treatment needs. 
A gloved hand uses forceps to place a vial of liquid into a thermal container surrounded by fog.