Comparator Drug Sourcing


Ensuring product integrity and patient safety

During new product clinical trials and other research initiatives, manufacturers are required to focus not only on drug effectiveness, but also on how the new drug compares to existing product alternatives. Acquiring existing branded or generic drugs, commonly called “comparators”, can be a time-consuming, costly, and sometimes difficult process. ICS’s Comparator Drug Sourcing solution is tailored to meet manufacturers’ need for product integrity, patient safety, and fair pricing. 



We buy direct to ensure product integrity

Because of our vast industry relationships, we are able to acquire comparator drugs directly from the manufacturer and wholesalers. Direct sourcing ensures the integrity and product safety of the comparator drug. 
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Single, trusted source

Leveraging an established sourcing network and our trusted industry relationships, we obtain comparator products directly from drug companies, reducing the risk of counterfeit product. Additionally, all products are transported in temperature controlled environments with active monitoring to ensure product integrity. With our expansive reach, scale, and industry leadership position, we leverage our proven logistics history to simplify comparator drug access across the U.S. ICS buys all comparator drugs directly from the manufacturer, or from their exclusive distributor. This ensures a closed loop from the manufacturer to our comparator product client. Currently, we offer comparator drug sourcing services in the U.S. only.
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Chet Mrha

Our commitment to excellence starts with leaders like Chet Mrha, Manager, Comparator Operations for ICS. Mr. Mrha joined ICS in April 2004 and has worked in various areas of ICS ranging from Customer Service, Client Financial Services and Account Management. In his role, Mr. Mrha manages all aspects of comparator operations for ICS and has been a key driver to the success of the program. Mr. Mrha has experience in complex pharmaceutical sales cycles and fully understands the progression of comparator sourcing. Meet more of our leaders to learn more about how they embody our vision and values.

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