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Navigating the global healthcare landscape with third-party logistics: Choosing your ideal partner

By ICS Connect

The global healthcare system has seen a tumultuous few years. Over the next five years, navigating the landscape will become increasingly challenging. Regulatory complexities and logistics considerations will only grow. Artificial intelligence will accelerate the rate of pharmaceutical innovation and time to market. An increasingly mature demographic will expand the demand for medications to manage chronic diseases. 

The intricacies of the global healthcare supply chain can prove challenging for generalized logistics providers or regional service providers. To overcome industry-specific challenges and keep pace, it is critical to partner with a united healthcare logistics organization that also offers strong, multi-national services.

Excellence in global healthcare logistics

Alloga and ICS are part of Cencora, built on the legacy of AmerisourceBergen; we deliver confidence that your medicines will get everywhere they are needed.

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The unification of Alloga and ICS expands our multi-national, third-party healthcare-focused logistics service.

Our evolution elevates our best-in-class, personalized services with the added value of a multi-national offering — all backed by the expertise of our parent company, Cencora. 

Alloga and ICS provide the quality and competency you expect from a partner, and we also deliver consistency and flexibility at scale. Learn about the three essential values embedded in everything we do to fit your organization's needs:

  1. A reliable partner across regions

    The global healthcare supply chain has countless variables to consider, from regulations and compliance standards to infrastructure and climate challenges. One constant should always be present to minimize disruptions and delays: your third-party logistics partner. 

    Using one united partner—like Alloga and ICS—provides the peace of mind you need in today's uncertain environment. Specifically, we operate consistently globally, with complete visibility and control over your end-to-end processes. We also centralize your supply chain demand planning, which streamlines sales and forecasting coordination with production forecasting. With a reduced number of contact points and suppliers, our cohesive approach enables seamless handoffs. Moreover, we provide services from ‘innovation to market’ so our partnership can evolve with your organization. No matter the life cycle stage of your product, you can work with one consistent partner through it all.

  2. Customizable and flexible services and solutions

    Every pharmaceutical manufacturer is working toward the shared goal of accelerating health outcomes. That said, we recognize that each manufacturer has different needs based on the type of therapy, scale, or life cycle phase. 

    Alloga and ICS create custom solutions that meet manufacturers where they stand and where they are headed. We pride ourselves on being a flexible partner who can adhere to a manufacturer's nuanced procedures. This is only sometimes true when partnering with a more generalized logistics partner.

    While expansion to a new market or region may be years down the line, we are always forward-thinking, remaining agile for any future needs. We are committed to your success over the long term, providing dedicated support every step of the way. 

  3. An unmatched geographic reach
    With an increasingly mature demographic and frequent infectious disease outbreaks, demand for healthcare products may shift dramatically. Partnering with Alloga and ICS will keep you ahead of the curve. Our global reach is unmatched, with over 30 sites, and our local, on-the-ground expertise ensures your product reaches your patients and customers without delay. 

Let's get started

­­Patients count on your products to improve their quality of life. We treat your deliveries as our own, with the utmost care and attention. As your trusted third-party logistics partner, we bring global pharmaceutical expertise to your product, tailored and at scale.

Start a conversation with Alloga and ICS today to see how we can support your third-party logistics needs and goals.

Cencora, built on the legacy of AmerisourceBergen.

Cencora brings the companies and services of AmerisourceBergen together under one new name. Alloga and ICS are part of the Cencora family of companies. 

Learn more about Cencora.