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The race to develop innovative products and supply chain solutions

By Chris Williams, Sandra Salama Anderson

Recently in the Pharmaphorum podcast, host Nicole Raleigh spoke with Sandra Anderson and Chris Williams. They get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to launch a biopharmaceutical product in Europe.

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The number of emerging biopharma companies releasing products is increasing significantly today, with many managing these launches independently. Given the varying market access requirements between regions, it is crucial to have an extensive launch plan. This plan should incorporate an integrated approach that can help take the launch internationally.

Staying informed about the variances between regions can prevent delays. For instance, the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) process in the UK differs from other European countries. Germany and France follow different clinically oriented processes while cost-effectiveness is prioritized in the UK and Sweden.

The competition to create innovative products remains fierce. However, such products might present practical challenges within the supply chain.

Early involvement proves most advantageous - this covers both strategy and distribution logistics aspects. After all, there is only a single chance for a successful product launch.

Biopharma firms seek a partner capable of developing and implementing solutions across multiple countries to aid their launches, thus bringing their products to market more efficiently. That's precisely where Cencora steps in - to anticipate, address, and resolve these complexities.


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About The Authors

Chris Williams
Senior Vice President, International Managing Director, Alloga Europe and ICS
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Sandra Salama Anderson
Senior VP, International Commercialization
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