Webinar: Overcoming Risks to Create a Successful Commercialization Journey for Your Product: Part One

By Albert Cooksey |

Explore the significant differences between traditional and specialty pharmaceutical supply chains.

Listen as Albert Cooksey, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales, discusses the impact and changing landscape of specialty drugs and provides insights and best practices for overcoming risks to create successful commercialization journey.


Webinar hosted by hosted by the Bio Supply Management Alliance.

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About the Author

Albert Cooksey

Albert Cooksey

Senior Vice President and General Manager, 3PL Services
Albert Cooksey is Senior Vice President and General Manager of 3PL Services for ICS. He is responsible for the strategic and operational oversight of the ICS business as well as supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers launching commercial medications, including cell and gene therapies, by providing consultation throughout the sales process. He manages all aspects of business development activities to ensure RFPs meet the needs of each pharmaceutical manufacturer, while also working with existing clients on logistics solutions and new product introductions into the ICS 3PL support model.
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