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Complete order-to-cash services


Partnership when you need it most

ICS is committed to getting care into the hands of those who need it most. We offer full order-to-cash services to our manufacturer partners, providing valuable expertise and a scalable 3PL infrastructure. This is beneficial to our manufacturing partners because it reduces cost and saves time as manufacturers don't have to invest in — building warehouse space, their own staff, and managing these services independently.  

Manufacturers can rely on our expertise to optimize their order-to-cash process beginning with our single-point-of-contact program, implementation program, management and functional area service experts paired with continuous improvement programs to optimize order-to-cash processes. This carries through our 97-percent on-time accounts receivable collection rate. 

Complete order-to-cash services

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Customer service

We have 100+ customer service associates on staff that manage 1,000,000+ orders annually. We provide operation hours that cover business hours across the country and we have existing capability to support phone, fax, email, and EDI orders. Our highly trained customer service associates have experience supporting various models of market distribution strategies.
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Warehouse: pick, Q&A, pack and ship

We oversee distribution across more than 20,000 SKUs and 1,100,000+ square feet of managed warehouse space. We can support programs across all of our state-of-the-art distribution facilities, located in Louisville, Kentucky; Reno, Nevada; and Columbus, Ohio. 
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Accounts receivable management

Our expert accounts receivable team manages $4.7 billion monthly, at a rate of 97 percent current. ICS provides our manufacturing partners and their customers with a direct point of contact to support the span of financial services provided. Audited, accurate, and timely invoicing, cash applications, collections, and month-end-close processes provide our manufacturing partners with confidence in our ability to effectively manage accounts receivable. 
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DataMart: complete visibility

Our DataMart web portal reporting tool allows manufacturers to view orders as they are processed through our system in real time, 24/7, and obtain daily confirmed order activity through our reporting application. Our clients can receive integrated, online, and real-time reporting encompassing all aspects of inventory, distribution, order, and financial management.

Regardless of your business’s size, effective financial management is essential to success.

Client financial services

Managing the complete spectrum of financial services to ensure accurate and thorough reporting, our client financial services team currently provides cash posting, accounts receivable, month-end close, and audit support to 145+ unique programs. Financial controls ensure that manufacturers have accurate, timely, and complete transactional information to plan, monitor, and manage business operations. 
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Racking infrastructure of our Louisville Distribution Center

Contract management and chargeback processing

Racking infrastructure of our Louisville Distribution Center
Outsourcing chargebacks is one way manufacturing partners can upgrade their infrastructure and maximize logistics investments. We provide our manufacturers with the advantage of utilizing the latest and proprietary best-in-class contract management software. This provides online access to chargeback transaction reports, which provide contract, membership, and pricing data.
Racking infrastructure of our Louisville Distribution Center
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Next-level analytics

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Change the way you view analytics with one click. Our tailored sales and inventory analytics tool gives you access to real-time, actionable intelligence that improves forecasting and identifies customer behavior patterns to help you make smarter decisions around your supply chain.

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