Contract Management and Chargeback Processing

Best-in-class contract management software

We provide our manufacturing partners the advantage of utilizing the latest and proprietary contract management software, with online access to chargeback transaction reports that display contract, membership and pricing data. Manufacturers will be able to set pricing, bundle products and integrate contracts across your enterprise into a single system while staying compliant with your customer’s EDI 844 (chargeback submission) and EDI 849 (chargeback reconciliation) requirements.
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Proprietary chargeback processing system

Our proprietary chargeback and contract management system, InCharge, helps us process an average of 300,000+ lines per month, of which 96.4% of EDI lines are processed same day. The InCharge application performs the validation of membership edibility while administering your customer contracts. Detailed Chargeback reporting provides our manufacturing partners with the data necessary to review and monitor processed and rejected submissions. This speed and accuracy in the contract update, validation and processing allows ICS to close the gap in time between chargeback submissions and A/R deductions on behalf of our manufacturing partners.   
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Alfonso Gomez

Our commitment to excellence starts with leaders like Alfonso Gomez, Senior Director of Finance for ICS. Alfonso joined ICS in 2000 and is a seasoned third-party logistics (3PL) veteran with over 17 years of experience managing various aspects of 3PL operations. Under the broad direction of the executive team, his responsibilities encompass managing all aspects of financial management to include operational financial, accounting support, accounts receivable, material management, special projects and distribution supporting operations within ICS. Meet more of our leaders to learn more about how they embody our vision and values.
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