Our History

ICS: a history of delivering innovation


Scroll to explore the evolution of ICS through a series of signature moments, from our inception to present day, as well as how we anticipate continually elevating the concept of partnership in global healthcare logistics.



Our innovative spirit is born amidst “The Blockbuster Decade"


With an average of eight blockbuster drugs launching per year, the third-party logistics (3PL) world was at an inflection point in the 1990s. Multiple carriers emerged and began offering outsourced warehousing “pick, pack, and ship” services on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers.


ICS is founded in Addison, Texas with a quintessential question to ask:

Do you want a healthcare company handling your logistics or a logistics company handling your healthcare?


The company is officially incorporated to become Integrated Commercialization Solutions – or ICS, as it is more commonly known today

The ICS story is one of setting a new standard of partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers, always listening, constantly innovating, and continually thinking ahead. 

Just as our pharmaceutical manufacturer partners develop new solutions to fill unmet needs in the healthcare landscape, ICS did the same by adhering to a different set of standards and creating services designed to meet the unique needs of specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers, and help enable their product’s commercial success.

Associate picking at Louisville Distribution Center


Leaders in technology

Going beyond the standard logistics, ICS develops a nationwide technology infrastructure through a coordinated REMS program which includes provider training documentation and patient education verification. 


ICS pioneers a breakthrough in women’s health via a direct-to-consumer product ordering initiative  – helping transform the way patients use the web.

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As the ’90s came to a close, every day was an opportunity for ICS to listen to our clients, hear their unique challenges, and deliver innovative solutions that set the stage for the next monumental decade of partnership, collaboration, and specialty pharmaceutical commercialization. 



Combining high-tech with high-touch changes everything


Welcome to the digital age. At the turn of the millennium, online banking is catching on in households nationwide. Over the next decade, 3PL providers follow the technology with real-time Accounts Receivable offerings that foster manufacturer trust. “Pick, pack, and ship” becomes table stakes as manufacturers become increasingly comfortable with outsourcing back-office, order-to-cash functions. 

ICS engineers system security

To provide customers with increased security and flexibility, ICS engineers two distinct IT environments, allowing it to partition 3PL and Title Model approaches with no need to “share” servers and systems. 
IT infrastructure hardware


ICS opens its first flagship distribution center at Commerce Crossings in Louisville, Kentucky

It was opened with the goal to engineer the type of operation a manufacturer would build – one that strives for the highest standards in quality and infrastructure. 
Racking infrastructure in our Louisville Distribution Center


Revolutionary Title Model launches

ICS revolutionizes the concept of specialty logistics partnership with the launch of its Title Model solution. Learn more about the next-level partnership offered through Title Model.

The ICS Title Model innovation not only handled distribution but enabled ICS to manage Accounts Receivable directly on behalf of the manufacturer. This introduced a new level in brand stewardship and continuity, with ICS answering phones, taking orders, and invoicing under our manufacturer partner’s name.  

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ICS earns the trust and designation for relabeling capabilities, a huge boon toward ensuring speed-to-market efficiency.


ICS earns an FDA establishment license to re-label, re-package, and kit product in our distribution center 

This was instrumental in saving manufacturers time, money and resources when it comes to managing additional vendors or back-and-forth shipping for re-labeling, re-packaging and kitting. No more delays in patient care or ROI from drugs sitting in transit or on warehouse shelves. It’s one more way ICS brings innovation to supply chain challenges.


ICS pioneers the concept of a Nurse Field Team

This mobile education unit eventually became the genesis for Lash Group’s clinical nursing services – a game-changer in patient adherence strategies. In addition to provider office education and product distribution, ICS expertly coordinates nationwide patient scheduling. 


ICS is awarded our first ISO 9001:2000 Certification

It was more than a first for us. It was a first for the entire world of pharmaceutical 3PL. Quality has always been in our DNA – and earning our first, and the industry’s first, ISO designation proved it. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) wasn’t enough. Earning ISO certification exemplified our ability to deliver quality beyond compliance. It’s a philosophy that continually propels us forward today. 
Associate picking cold chain products at our Louisville Distribution Center


ICS builds a new 200,000-square-foot distribution center

With 125,000 square feet dedicated to 3PL and another 75,000 square feet for specialty distribution, our new distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky opens. 


ICS introduces robust data reporting in support of superior scaling


Reno, Nevada distribution center opens

With its opening, it brings an additional 43,500 square feet to serve ICS manufacturer clients' needs. 
Validation area in our Louisville Distribution Center


ICS launches ReturnConnect System – a proprietary  innovation in simplifying and improving the returns process


ICS headquarters move from Addison, Texas to Frisco, Texas


ISO 9001:2008 Certification earned 

The ISO 9001:2008 Certification signified our onward quest for continuously improving quality and customer satisfaction.

ICS chose to obtain ISO 9000 series certification because it provided a standardized approach to continuous improvement that encompasses all areas of the organization. It provided a framework for demonstrating to clients and supply chain partners a way to define and continuously improve quality throughout the entire organization, from risk management to distribution to accounts receivable and IT.  

Mother and daughter high-five a healthcare provider



 Evolving the concept of innovative, 1:1 partnership

The era of the “specialty revolution” is upon us, with a pipeline shift to specialty products and increased distribution and logistics complexity. Always looking ahead, ICS is poised to usher in a blend of enhanced capabilities to position our partners for continued success.

March 2011

ICS continues to expand by opening a second facility in Louisville, Kentucky - the new facility is dedicated to 3PL product



ICS develops InCharge

ICS develops and implements a revolutionary, higher efficiency chargeback processing system called InCharge, providing a contract management solution for healthcare companies in the outsourcing environment. 


ICS is selected for a breakthrough therapy in the orphan space

ICS is selected as the channel distribution and key commercialization partner for a breakthrough therapy in the orphan space. ICS offered an unmatched combination of temperature control, facilities management, scalability and analytics to address an optimized distribution footprint.
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ICS is built to support the mission of orphan manufacturers

Orphan manufacturers not only often require special handling for their products, but also need a partner who understands their unique perspective in the therapy landscape. These types of manufacturers must ensure every step is taken to stay lean and funnel capital back into drug discovery, rather than building and supporting infrastructure. From super cold-chain handling to delivery around the world, ICS is built to support the mission of orphan manufacturers – with 3PL services even being delivered within just hours of product availability. 


ICS moves into larger distribution center in Reno 

ICS more than doubles capacity and moves to a specially designed 102,500 square feet location in Reno, Nevada, built to accommodate the unique and growing needs of specialty distribution

Louisville Distribution Center Drug Refrigerator


ICS becomes the first automated specialty distribution organization in the country


The Columbus, Ohio distribution center opens

This facility offers an additional 70,000 square feet of state-of-the art managed warehouse space, strategically located within 5 miles of AmerisourceBergen’s National Distribution Center as well as other leading wholesalers. 
Vials of an injectable medical product


ICS creates Implementation Project Managers

ICS’ Client Operations department creates a team of implementation project managers specializing in new client launches – providing a laser-focused mix of insights, resources and guidance to supplement clients’ single point of contact to ensure the unique needs of new product launches run smoothly. 
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ICS introduces ICS Analytics

By investing deeply in data analytics and business intelligence, ICS offers greater line of sight into inventory management that sets the stage far beyond lot control/tracking. Learn more about how ICS analytics helps manufacturers see and understand not only what is happening, but why it is happening – and how to best pivot and position to deliver on brand goals.
Learn more about ICS Analytics


ICS advances the industry with a proactive mission to facilitate product serialization

Select below to learn more about how ICS is tracking ahead of the serialization trend.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification achieved

ICS is the first pharmaceutical 3PL provider to receive this certification – 18 months prior to the deadline for previously certified organizations. 
Associate picking at Louisville Distribution Center


ICS attains Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification

This designation enables ICS to be a certified trade partner with other certified supply chain partners who have demonstrated having systems in place to ensure active and vigilant supply chain monitoring – a vital contribution in helping secure our nation’s borders and ensuring the continued free flow of international trade. 
Lights in our Louisville Specialty Distribution Facility


Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) certification achieved for the Columbus, Ohio distribution center 


ERP Software Upgrade

We are committed to investing in the tools, technology and infrastructure required to meet the growing needs of our clients and of the healthcare industry overall.

Above view of a conveyor belt in our Louisville Specialty Distribution Facility


Grand Opening Celebration for the Columbus, Ohio Distribution Center

ICS Celebrated an important step forward in meeting your needs for specialty distribution services. We celebrated the grand opening of our new, flagship distribution center in Columbus, Ohio. 
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Grand Opening Celebration for Carrollton Corporate Office


Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Celebration for Carrollton Corporate Office

ICS and AmerisourceBergen, hosted the grand opening of our newest office located in Carrollton, Texas and reinforced our commitment to attract and retain unmatched talent in the Texas community.
Carrollton Grand Opening Balloon Drop 2

2020 and beyond

 ICS is facilitating powerful advancements in personalized medicine. As our manufacturing partners pioneer cell and gene therapy – individual doses of medicine made specifically for a single patient – data analytics, super cold-chain handling, and a more comprehensive view on commercialization will be key in supporting successful partnerships. And ICS is poised to deliver. 
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