Our Leaders

Our Leadership Team

Rafael Teixeira, President, World Courier and ICS
Rafael Teixeira
President, World Courier and ICS
Albert Cooksey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, 3PL Services, ICS
Albert Cooksey
Senior Vice President and General Manager, 3PL Services
Senior Vice President, Global Operations
Lief Walling
Senior Vice President, Global Operations, World Courier and ICS
Karl Erickson, Vice President, Technology and Innovative Solutions, ICS
Karl Erickson
Vice President, Technology and Innovative Solutions
George Lee, Vice President of Global Customer and Client Services, ICS and World Courier
George Lee
Vice President, Global Customer Service (World Courier) and Client Services (ICS)
Jeff Primeau, Vice President, Business Solutions, ICS
Jeff Primeau
Vice President, Business Solutions
Jerry Schiller
Jerry Schiller
Vice President, Operations
Alfonso Gomez, Senior Director, Client Development, ICS
Alfonso Gomez
Senior Director, Client Development
Andre Rougeau, Senior Director, Quality Assurance, ICS
André Rougeau
Senior Director, Quality Assurance
Nancy Cantrell, Senior Director, Marketing Strategy, ICS
Nancy Cantrell
Senior Director, Marketing Strategy
Joe Macias, Senior Director, Client Relations, ICS
Joe Macias
Senior Director, Client Relations
Prakash Christopher, Director, Strategic Manufacturer Services ICS
Prakash Christopher
Director, Strategic Manufacturer Services

Our Business Development Team

Matthew Letow, Senior Director, Business Development ICS
Matthew Letow
Senior Director, Business Development
Ann Pham, Director, Business Development, ICS
Ann Pham
Director, Business Development

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