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Performance analytics


We're committed to providing exceptional service

99.97% SLA

 Inventory and distribution accuracy

99.5% SLA 

Customer service order entry accuracy

90% within 20 seconds

Telephone answering speed in customer service

<5% abandoned

Telephone abandonment rate in customer service

Improve supply chain and business performance

On top of our superior service level, we leverage your 852 and 867 data to provide actionable analytics that identify customer behavior patterns to help enhance your business decision-making. 
  • 852 and 867 data 
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Irregularity customer alerts and presets
Finance and trending
  • Sales
  • Profitability
  • Chargeback analysis
  • Customer purchasing behavior
  • Supplier management
  • Risk and compliance 
  • Forecasting and inventory management

$44 billion
in product shipped annually
3+ billion
transactions managed annually
175+ programs
supporting a variety of product lines and disease states
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DataMart: complete visibility

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Our DataMart web portal reporting tool allows manufacturers to view orders as they are processed through our system, in real time, 24/7, and obtain daily confirmed order activity through our reporting application. Our clients can receive integrated, online, and real-time reporting encompassing all aspects of inventory, distribution, order, and financial management.
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Real-time reporting for faster decisions

ICS Analytics: simply smarter

Data and the way you use it have evolved. We think it's time analytics reporting caught up. ICS Analytics is a tailored sales and inventory analytics tool designed to provide pharmaceutical companies with the actionable intelligence they need to make the right decisions in real time. 

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