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ICS Analytics

Easy-to-use, simple to interpret

ICS Analytics, a tailored sales and inventory analytics tool, is designed to provide you with the actionable intelligence you need to make the right decisions in real time. No more digging through rows and columns of data to find the 10 percent that’s meaningful to you — just clear market intelligence presented in visually compelling graphics.

Intuitive filtering

A dynamic dashboard lets you drill down into the information you need fast.

Proactive alerts

Make smarter decisions by setting up alerts based on purchasing and shipping behavior.

Downloadable graphics

Easily create presentations and share key analytics through downloadable graphics available in multiple formats. 

Time-saving accuracy

With all data housed in one location, ICS can identify and resolve discrepancies quickly.

Change the way you view analytics with one click

Screenshot of ICS Analytics
Select and filter sales activity in one click. View product by location, by buyer, or by product. Drill down by territory to see in-channel sales and gain market insights.

Screenshot of ICS Analytics
Gain inventory visibility fast and forecast quantities through tailored key performance indicators. 
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Our approach to analytics

Connecting the data dots

Karl Erickson, Vice President of Information Technology for ICS, says, “Many in the industry tout ‘analytics packages.’ That’s not analytics, that is a reporting package. If it hasn’t had that human touch, that understanding of the relationship between a manufacturer and its customers, then it’s just extracted data wrapped in a colorful bar chart. That’s why ICS will never have one analytics solution for our clients.”

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